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A Human-centered Approach
The QC Culture

Meticulous About Quality

QC is a system of people, processes, and technology that work together every day to quantify, orchestrate, and innovate government management and oversight programs.

The QC culture is designed around repeatable processes, professional development, and affinity for the mission. 

  • Curator Services for Information Assets
  • Data Modeling, Management, and Governance
  • Charts, Graphs, and Stories Provide Context
Public Service

Affinity for the Mission

QC personnel care about the missions they work in every day. From the rapid deployment of QC to full-time equivalent curators working in agencies every day, there is joy in the work we do. 

Initial Operating Capability in 1 Week

Rapid Deployment

QC can leverage an agency’s existing software to establish the initial operating capability in 1 week. QC includes all of the templates, checklists, collection forms, training classes, and more. Additional capabilities are added every 2 weeks.

QC uses design thinking, rapid prototyping, and engaging activities with customers to establish a shared purpose and work toward rewarding results.    

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