Compliance With Laws, Regulations, and Policies

The U.S. Treasury’s compliance and reporting requirements are rigorous for American Rescue Plan, State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. QC SLFRF MGMT is a solution for recipient jurisdictions with over 250,000 residents that simplifies and standardizes data collection, governance, analysis, and reporting. QC SLFRF MGMT is a rapid configuration solution that establishes an initial operating capability in 1 week. Capabilities are then added every two weeks and include training personnel and curating data assets. QC SLFRF MGMT is purpose-built for U.S. Treasury compliance and reporting.

Whether for A-11 Part 6, GPRA, Evidence Act, 2 CFR 200, Managing for Results or states and local governments performance management, the system for measuring performance must be standardized, flexible, and easy for business users to manage. QC Measure provides the most flexible, best user experience solution for government performance management programs. The QC Measure 12-week rapid configuration solution provides an easy-to-use system for creating, organizing, storing, visualizing, and using performance measures.  

Whether it’s for the Evidence Act or for evidence-based policymaking in states and local governments, efficient and effective curating collections of evidence is key to success. QC Curate is a proven approach to organizing and managing collections of government information assets for evidence-based policymaking. The solution includes a written assessment of your current open data and professional curator services to keep evidence assets up-to-date and ready-for-use. QC Curate includes professional services to take evidence-based policymaking to the next level.

2 CFR 200 of the Code of Federal Regulations, often referred to as the Uniform Guidance, describes compliance and reporting requirements for recipients and subrecipients of federal funds. QC Comply helps states and local governments to manage grants with 2 CFR 200 compliance. QC Comply includes pre-award risk assessment capabilities, and grant agreement performance measures data collection, analytics, and reporting. 

Customer Experience in the public sector means different things for different agencies. Constituents typically think of renewing a driver’s license as a customer service of government. QC Customer Experience provides a turn-key solution for turbo charging your government customer service initiative. From journey map capabilities to collecting constituent feedback and taking action, QC Customer Experience helps governments to improve constituent services.